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Are you looking for Technical Support Services to manage your Servers?

We at Best Server Support are pleased to announce to launch server support services for those who are planning to outsource technical support to manage their servers. We have, with us a strong team of server specialists that can remotely assist you with regard to any issue related to your server, may it be an emergency support or regular day-to-day monitoring or it is a need to help you out in configuring a particular difficult application/software on your server.

We have launched this services to allow our customers to focus on their business or project rather than investing their valuable time on managing and fixing server related issues. Whenever you need our support, our technicians are there online to assist you.

We understand how difficult it is for you to decide about outsourcing the server support on which your entire business depends. Therefore, we allow you to test our services for a week time for free and decide its reliability, only then you sign up for a suitable plan. We are confident, once you start using our services, you will never feel sorry about your decision to outsource your server management to us. Wanna give a try to our services? Just log in from  here.

Active Directory Replication on Windows Server 2012

Replication is the process of making a copy of something. Using replication process we can copy the active directory database from one site to another site. Replication is the process of sending update information for data that has changed in the directory to other domain controllers.

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How to Integrate Exchange Server 2013 with WebsitePanel

As Microsoft has released Exchange Server 2013, we have verified it on our development environment as well as live environment and successfully installed using below mentioned steps:

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Integration of Microsoft Exchange mail server with WebsitePanel

Many a times you can find situations when you want to include your current mail server with WebsitePanel. Some of us worked one of those prerequisites and properly integrated the particular Exchange Server with WebsitePanel..

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Migrating Server from Webmin to cPanel Control Panel

Moving the accounts including the domains, databases and email accounts between the servers (where source and destination control panels are different) is pretty complicated process as no automated scripts are available for this migration. Each and every step for this migration has to be done manually. We guys were frequently receiving client requests for migration from Webmin to cPanel.

We figured out one of these requirements and started working at that point. At that moment, we did it manually and now trying to acknowledge you guys with an easy manual steps for migration. Hope our method at this point on manual migration would help you in a prominent way.

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