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Hire a Dedicated Support Team

4by7 hosting support introduces the idea of having an extended office to your tech support team operations. An overseas team of techie engineers who will work, either by themselves or together with other in-house squads you may have.

Designed for 40 hours weekly (160 hours per month), a seasoned as well as experienced engineer (Tech) manages your technical support operations. The support furnished by this Technician include: helpdesk/email support, live chat support, routine server supervision, regular and aggressive server maintenance; and whatever else that is required to run your tech support team operation efficiently. You can keep on to get more engineers and make a team that operates exclusively for you.

Once you hire this "Dedicated" Tech/team, BestServerSupport spends for you in people, training, technical as well as physical facilities.

This specialized team will be an "extended" team, which is competent in your line of business and procedures, and can supplement other teams you might already have. Our versatile timings permit you to make sure your customers have the support that they need, any moment of the day or night.

To comprehend the benefits of our dedicated support staff over our other assistance channels, look into the table below.

Environmental Setup

  • Fast, modern dual core or better CPU with 4GB+ RAM
  • Windows 7 64-bit
  • Linux 64-bit- Dual monitor setup
    (proven to improve productivity 25-50%)
  • Stable Internet
  • Air conditioned room

Individual Characteristics

  • Reliable
  • Responsible
  • Dedicated
  • Willing to take ownership of issues
  • Can work with minimal guidance

Technical Skills

  • 2-3 years minimum experience, in a service provider environment
  • Each team member has a strong knowledge of Windows or Linux, and demonstrated basics in the other, or strong knowledge in both.
  • Strong knowledge of Internet services protocols (DNS, SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, FTP, SSH, SNMP, HTTP, SSL)
  • Strong understanding of web application design, installation, troubleshooting (eg, web server, database server, connecting the two, familiarity with sql injection attacks, etc.).
  • Cpanel, WHM, DirectAdmin, Ensim, Plesk, Helm, DotNetPanel experience
  • Excellent written English skills.


  • Support tickets- handle Tier I-III support tickets on Linux and Windows. Take direction from senior staff whenever required.
  • Able to provide quick turnaround time on issues in a diversified IT environment.
  • Abuse Tickets - handle abuse tickets as per policy. Interact with complainants, customers for issue resolution and escalate/take action in the event of customer noncompliance.
  • Backup Exception Handling - review backup system alerts and take action to repair backup trouble. R1soft CDP, Linux and windows hosts. Alert your self-managed customers of backup trouble and follow up accordingly.
  • Monitoring Alerts - respond to monitoring alerts with top priority. Quickly repair outage trouble across Windows and Linux hosts.
  • Monitoring and Backup Provisioning - provision monitoring and backup services as per backend reports.

Plan Features

Services Provided Semi Dedicated Technical
Support Team
Dedicated Technical
Support Team
Support Team Attention Divided Exclusive
Shared Between Clients Maximum 5 1
Volume Of Work Units Handled 400 - 600 Unlimited
Response Time / Resolution Time 1 hr / 6 hrs 15 min / 4 hrs
HelpDesk support yes Yes
Attention to Pre-sales Issues Yes Yes
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What does a Dedicated Tech/team give you ?

  • An efficient and proven offshore team which works like an "extension" to your own teams.
  • We offer only qualified engineers (having a bachelor's degree in engineering).
  • Software and hardware facilities committed to your team, with high-speed redundant bandwidth and power.
  • You can interview and select the engineers for your team.
  • Team management is the responsibility of BestServerSupport.
  • You can setup your team for 24x7 Operations / Weekend Operations.

Benefits seen by customers of our dedicated support plan:

  • Pro-active server management leads to more stable servers(better uptime).
  • Reduction in number of support queries.
  • We build an inhouse knowledge base of common issues, which helps reduce resolution times.
  • You may have hired only one tech, but that tech can draw from the vast pool of knowledge and experience, of all of BestServerSupport engineers.
Best Server Support
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