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VPS Support Plans

Are you Unable to devote time to manage your VPS regularly? Let this responsibility be on our shoulders. Our experienced technicians will ensure that (i) your VPS is updated with the latest and stable version of software; (ii) due security steps are taken including firewall setting; (iii) necessary libraries and add-ons are updated and also it is capable to manage server load; and top of all (iv) it is monitored on 24 hours a day. Here is the list of some major benefits for choosing our services:

For VPS Owners

24 x 7 Monitoring Fastest possible Response Time of 1 hour
Fastest Resolution Time of 4 hours Support Channel - Help Desk
Unlimited Support from Help Desk Tickets Unlimited Support on Live Chat
Initial Server Set up included Server Hardening included
Server Optimization included Server Migration included
Best possible assistance in Control Panel problemss Backup restoration included
Flexible plans  
(1) Monthly
$65 / Month
(2) Half-yearly
$370 / Semi-Annualy
(3) Annual
$741 / Annualy
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For VPS Hosting Companies

Main VPS Hardware Node Management 24x7 VPS Hardware Node Monitoring
Monthly Security Audit HyperVM Setup, Installation and Maintenance
24x7 Helpdesk Support VPS Server setup, Hardening, Monitoring, and Adminitration
Quck Support L1, L2 and L3 issues included
Fastest Response Time of 1 hour Fastest Resolution of 6 hours
1 Main Hardware Node with 5 VPS (10 support tickets / Month)
$49 / Month
1 Main Hardware Node with 10 VPS (20 support tickets / Month)
$99 / Month
1 Main Hardware Node with 30 VPS (60 support tickets / Month)
$249 / Month

Are you concerned about shooting salary overhead of your organization?

Are you finding it difficult to strike balance between the business expansion and the shooting salary overhead? If this is the case, you might like to consider our technical support services to manage your VPS. As we know that Virtual Private Server is an emerging trend in the hosting industry that allows us to share the expense of hardweare and newtorking connections without sacrificing privacy and/or performance. Our experienced support technicians are seasoned to handle technical problems related to VPS and can troubleshoot any issue you might experience. We have specific affordable plans for Web Hosting Companies with the above features

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