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How Our Support Engineer Works?

How it Works?

How Our Support Engineer Works After you sign up with BestServerSupport, our Support Engineers work on the following process model.

Step1 : Your Customer contacts your support team.

Your Customer can contact your support by sending an email to support@yourcompany.com. This mail reaches your helpdesk system installed in your server, and a copy of the mail is forwarded to the BestServerSupport Internal System.

Step2 : Response

The BestServerSupport Engineers attempt to solve every ticket within one hour. If they cannot resolve it, they will respond to the customer within that hour. They then work for a resolution.

Step3 : Resolution

BestServerSupport guarantees a resolution within 6 hours from the time, the mail reaches the BestServerSupport Internal System.

Step4 : Ensure Transparency

All responses and resolution are made via your helpdesk or ticketing system. If you do not have a ticketing system installed, BestServerSupport will install and give.

Step5 : Quality Level

BestServerSupport Quality Manager and the team of Quality Analysts check through hundreds of random tickets every month to make sure that all tickets follow our Minimum Quality Standard..
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